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Artist Statement for work by Ricky Sears

Since 2009 I have been obsessively overlaying lines that radiate from a central point in works on paper to create depth from contrasting values. My recent work, the "Finite Infinite" series and "Breathing" series, have begun to push limits imposed by surface dimensions using other materials and methods of making images and objects. If there is an edge to a piece of paper, canvas, or wall, how densely can the two-dimensional space be filled (with linear perspective as the primary device) to challenge the flatness of each surface?

The artwork is the result of making marks: lines drawn across paper, pins pushed into surfaces, paint dabbed on canvas, and breaths blown into plaster. The resulting radiating patterns create the illusion of space. It is in the process of inscribing, puncturing, staining, and breathing that I become present - my best self to make art - and hope that the processes that are recorded in each work encourage a viewer to become present, too.

In July 2012 I destroyed all but three pieces of my graduate and post-graduate work. It was out of necessity in order to be able to move beyond limits imposed on myself; this step has transformed my creative process. My studio practice has flourished since.

Plein air oil paintings in Bethany Beach, Delaware